Friday, November 04, 2005

Jerk my fountain/ ice cream mountain...

Is there an industry that adapts to new technology quicker or better than the porn industry? Whether it's using space-age polymers to create a better rubber mold of female genetalia or making movies and pictures available for video-capable iPod, these porn people are always thinking; sometimes about pussy (vulcanized or real), but always about the Benjamins (are the kids still referring to paper currency in this manner?).

Because I got my iPod way, way back in December 2004, I don't have sound or even picture ability. I know! Somehow I make it through the day with this technological albatross, but when it came (hee hee) to the nasty nasty, I could only listen to the soundtracks.

Friend: What's that you're listening to?
Me: I think it's the sound of someone getting it in the pooper.
Friend: So... the new Franz Ferdinand?

Ba-dum-dum! You got served, Alex Kapranos! Thank you and goodnight, ladies and germs!


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