Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Our bodies get bigger/ but our hearts get torn up...

Next week and next week only: live Bowie/Arcade Fire tracks on iTunes. Supposedly it's from some "Fashion Rocks" show that was on a few weeks ago. According to this Arcade Fire fan site, they collaborate on "Wake Up" and "Five Years", and Bowie's version of "Life on Mars" is going to be available. All in the name of hurricane relief. (Isn't that so September? I think I saw Rachel Harris making jokes about hurricane relief on VH1's "I Love September 2005".)

And in other news, Pitchfork seems to require their writers to work song lyrics of the band being written about into the actual story. Which is adorable. GOd knows I loved it when Rob Sheffield did it in every issue of Rolling Stone a few years ago.


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