Tuesday, December 13, 2005

All my girls, stand in a circle/ clap your hands, this is for you...

It's not evil-bad like "My Humps", but the new Ashlee Simpson song is pretty effing bad. Embarassing; like, I almost feel bad for her. It's like karaoke Gwen Stefani. Or KidzBop rocking "Hollaback Girl". Just horrible. Why can't she just keep it real like The Veronicas (they go on, like, road trips and stuff)? More importantly, if someone were to convince Joe Simpson that the kids these days like Al Jolson, would he have his daughters do songs in black face? Someone should get on that.

By the way: this (by way of a single syllable) and this (by way of vorpalfilm ; Borken Social Scene meets You're the Man Now Dog!).


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