Thursday, December 15, 2005

Free Music

Hot on the heels of my bold proclamation that I love free music comes word (visa largehearted boy) that Kristen Hersh has a free downloadable EP, deceptively titled Free Music. This is like an Abbott and Costello routine waiting to happen.

Abbott: I downloaded Free Music off the internet today.
Costello: And what was the name of the album?
Abbott: Free music.
Costello: Of course it was free music, but what was the name of the album?
Abbott: I told you. Free Music.
Costello: You been listening to anything else?
Abbott: Music.
Costello: Thank you ladies and gentlemen, enjoy Brian Setzer Orchestra! [cue exit music: "My Humps"]

I didn't say it would be a good Abbott and Costello routine. They've been dead for a while and they're quite rusty. And playing "My Humps" just a desperate grab at the younger demographic, but at least they keep the blue stuff out of their act.


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