Sunday, January 08, 2006

So I'm driving a stolen car on Eldridge Avenue. And I want to get caught, but I never do...

"Cold Case" advertised tonight's episode as being based around Springsteen songs, and it didn't disappoint. Only reason I watched it. So if it wanted to draw in that oh-so-sought-after Springsteen-fan demographic, then kudos. I was there. It was funny how the whole episide was written for the Springsteen songs, with stolen cars and Atlantic City playing pivotal roles. Props should also be given for using the Tracks version of "Stolen Car" (my preferred jawn, though I'm a sucker for the chorus of The River's version).

I couldn't stop thinking about an old friend of mine who, to sell it amazingly short, is in a tight spot. The tightest fucking spot you can imagine. And I remember talking Springsteen with her back in college. And I remember making her a Springsteen mix tape, the only artist-specific mix tape I've made. She actually listened when I spouted off about Bruce's live introduction to "The River" and how it almost brings me to tears. And she won't read this, but when she comes home - and she will fucking come home because she's tough as goddamn nails - we're going to listen to some Springsteen together. Promise.

On a semi-related note, fuck Hostel being the number one movie this weekend. Fucking torture porn.


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