Monday, February 20, 2006

And its a sure-fire bet that I'm gonna die, so I'm taking up praying on Sunday nights...

I have to begin by pointing out this sentence in Bill Simmons' ESPN column:
"On the other hand, I would have missed ESPN's party, which Snoop Dogg ignited with an hour-long performance that left everyone downright delighted."
Has anyone, in all seriousness, described a Snoop Dogg performance in such a way? Not that Snoop's a hack at all, just that... it "left everyone downright delighted"? Has anyone ever in the history of the world had anything close to this conversation:

Q: How was the Snoop Dogg concert?
A: Two words: Downright delightful.

No. But I will say this: Jenny Lewis' album? Downright delightful. I've only listened to it once all the way through and it's the berries. Gospel, country, torch songs... it's got it all. My one gripe is that it doesn't sound so much like an album as much as a collection of songs; a little-bit-rushed collection of songs at that. But every other song, I think "This would be great on a mix tape." And in my world, that's high praise.

Those Watson twins, on the other hand? Effing creepy. But I'm biased: I've always been freaked out by identical twins.


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