Thursday, March 09, 2006

The best looking boys are taken. The best looking girls are staying inside...

Belle and Sebastian fallout:

1. No, the concert didn't "move" me. I was unmoved. But the band did have great energy.

2. Speaking of: yes, the Washington Post is right; once upon a time, Belle and Sebastian was a mysterious band, and shy as only Scottish bookworms can be ("a reputation for being awkward and introverted"). I should have remembered. I didn't. They are much like Rachel Leigh Cook at the end of "She's All That", glassesless and tarted up.

3. Inspired, I listened to If You're Feeling Sinister last night. Forgot that it's a real piece of work. I remember getting it years ago and thinking "Where are the fast songs"? 'Cause that's what I liked because I had a car back then and I liked to open that baby up (as much as a '89 Civic hatchback could be opened up). Now, as I face the mortality of my 20s, I really appreciate the album. That and a nice warm afghan.

4. B&S comic book. I prefer Magic Whistle.


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