Monday, March 06, 2006

You're a honey, with a following of innocent boys...

Sunday night. 9:30 Club.

New Pornographers. Too drunk and too much yapping between songs. I miss Neko. They have the ability to teach the world to sing, but not Sunday. One, I think their set up and the sound mixing meant a lot of their sound got swallowed up by the space. Two, they just didn't seem to bring their A game.

Belle and Sebastian. They played close to two hours, which is a long time when you only really enjoy Boy with the Arab Strap and When You're Feeling Sinister (and some singles), and even then in small doses. So I can't consider myself one of the weeping masses. Those are some twee bastards, but I'll give them this: they are one tight band. I recognize they were good - great even - but it just didn't move me.

No post-show chocolate milkshake from Ben's afterwards. Traded my extra ticket for a ticket to the Pogues, so that worked out better than expected.


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