Monday, April 17, 2006

She wanna pillow fight in the middle of the night...

Plotting the graph of hipster behavior (disturbing on the x axis; annoying on the y), a giant pillow fight lands to the near-southwest of cuddle parties (less disturbing but more annoying) and to the extreme northwest of wearing ties to shows(less annoying but considerably more disturbing). And in all places, it's in my "hometown" of Philly (yeah, okay, I'm from the burbs. Step off).Don't get me wrong: it's fucking puppy-dog adorable so more power to them. People may complain that Japanese students are head-and-shoulders better than ours at math and science, but no one seems to mention that our hipsters are making great strides when it comes to catching up to their hipsters in disturbing infantalism. USA! USA!


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