Monday, May 08, 2006

And up in heaven you're a shoe-in if you open up your heart to me...

"City-dwelling snobbery" be damned, I crossed the river for the Geoff Farina show at Iota last night. (I even switched trains at Metro Center.) Not many other people did; hell, not many people even crossed the street. And while I feel bad that Drew and Farina (it feels more appropriate to use the last name) had to play to a mostly empty room, goddamn if it didn't one of the better shows I've seen in a while. Everybody was absolutely quiet, and it was like being in someone's basement. Great times. Farina was all over the map with his set list, doing covers of some old songs, some Secret Stars, some Karate, and some new stuff. The only drawback to the night was trying not to stare at Ian MacKaye and for some reason worrying that he'd find out I did part of my Corporate Law outline while listening to End Hits. You can listen to Drew's stuff over on the left in my links.

And my one-word review of the Rolling Rocks I had: refreshing.


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