Monday, July 16, 2007

The band in heaven plays my favorite song...

One thing you have to respect about Voxtrot's cover of Talking Heads' "Heaven": it sounds like a Voxtrot song. Sure, the singer uses some Byrne-esque vocal tics, but the music sounds like it could be an early sketch of, say, "Kid Gloves". They may as well have renamed it "Who the Fuck Are Talking Heads?" and called it a day. Compare: The National's "Pretty in Pink". Seems to be more in their wheelhouse.

I was in a band in college that covered "Pretty in Pink" and for some reason, I had the toughest time wrapping my head around the vocals, between the melody of the second verse and, I guess, the key of the song in general. It was like swimming upstream. Anyway, that's neither here nor there; these days I stick to dark rooms and try to wrap my head around Pennsylvania's disregard for compulsory counterclaims (yeah, you read that right: Pennsylvania only recognizes permissive counterclaims. It's like living in a cuckoo clock).


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