Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Richard thought his letters to his lover Mathilda were a mess...

So top ten songs on your iPod? Is this the internet bridge that all the kids are jumping from these days? Then count me in. This isn't scientific, since I recently had to reinstall the factory settings on the iPod, and most of these numbers come from how many times I played the songs on iTunes:

1. Our Love - Rhett Miller: I'll play this at my wedding. I have the song, now I need the lady.
2. Phantom Limb - The Shins: It's like a girl group song, but with dudes.
3. Grudge Fuck - The Pernice Brothers: Of all the Pernice Brothers songs... I think there was a time, a few months ago, where I just played this in a dark room and nodded. Repeatedly. Good times.
4. Girl Sailor - The Shins
5. Mistaken for Strangers - The National
6. Unless It's Kicks - Okkervil River: My feelings on this are known.
7. Hercules - Midnight Oil: Great song, underrated band.
8. Dress Blues - Jason Isbell: See supra note 6.
9. The Con - Tegan and Sara: Art-school girls. Gotta love them. Art-school girls and layers of keyboards. There was a great line on the Singles Jukebox over on Stylus, something about how they say "capsized" the way the author imagined Geddy Lee does. So art-school girls, layers of keyboards, and Geddy Lee references. They all tickle me pink.
10. Cold Days from the Birdhouse - The Twilight Sad: Again, see supra, note 6. And just for math's sake, the difference between my first song and this is 83 listens, and I've listened to "Our Love" less than 100. So math that up.

Honorable mentions? Sure.

11. My Rights Versus Yours - The New Pornographers
12. Turn Into - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
13. Read My Mind - The Killers
14. Once - Richard Buckner
15. A Pillar of Salt - The Thermals


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