Monday, July 16, 2007

Songs I Listened To Today, part 2

The tag line for the Bill Engvall Show is "meet a crazy family who's crazy for each other." I guess "zzzzzzzzzz" was too post-modern.

Built-In Girl - Wrens: This is one of those bands where everyone's like "Oh, the Wrens, they're so dreamy" but I've never really gotten around to it. Meadowlands is on my Wish List, but so is a bunch of jazz albums, so it's kind of an elephant graveyard. Anyway, this isn't necessarily what I expected the Wrens to sound like - I think I was thinking more Pernice Brothers and got something closer to Built to Spill - but what can I say? It's a toe tapper.
Pictures of Me - Elliott Smith: I miss Elliott Smith.
ELT - Wilco: I miss Wilco.
Generator - Elastica: This album is "exotic-looking," meaning it's got a big nose and a lazy eye, but I can't take my eyes off of it. One of the biggest disappointments of the last 10 years, but given time, stripped of (possibly unfair) expectations, it's... interesting. At least. And when the songs are on, like this one, they are absolutely on.
Untrusting You - Hellbender: Poor man's Jawbreaker. And that's actually a compliment because Jawbreaker R.O.C.K.s.
Make Me a Chevy - The Promise Ring: Soft spot in my heart, I have named you Nothing Feels Good.


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