Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Songs I Listened to Today...

Yeah, this is a few days late. But I take the internet connection when I can get it so... this is a few days late.

I'm sweating, but mostly from my fear of the future, so take that into account. There are days when you just have to roll down the metaphorical car windows, even if only in your mind. Everyone laughs at me as I make a cranking motion; I'm so poor, my imaginary car doesn't even have power windows. But there are still songs, despite imagination or not, that demand windows being rolled down...

My Winding Wheel - Ryan Adams: Hearing a great Ryan Adams song is like hearing from an ex; you may be on good terms, but it's not the same.
Ear for Baby - The Thermals: Seriously, how good are these guys? (Answer: pretty good).
Our Life Is Not A Movie or Maybe - Okkervil River: I shouldn't like this band. Or maybe. I do. I really do.
What Jail Is Like - Afghan Whigs: The revolution will come, and the victors will ask, why wasn't this song the shit. And I'll shrug my shoulders, or as much as I can while being strung up from the rafters.
Late-Century Dream - Superchunk: And while strung up, I'll struggle to say, "It's not even their best song... seriously... far from it. Maybe not even top twenty. Listen to Indoor Living.
Scared Straight - Long Winters: There are songs, and then there are mix tape songs. This is a song everyone in the world should hear. If they did, we wouldn't be in Iraq. It's that good.
Working Girls (Sunlights Shines) - The Pernice Brothers: Seriously, get your hands on anyting this band does. The best. Someday one of their songs will be used in a shitty commercial, so be ahead of the curve. Amazing. Another song I put on a lot of mixes. "Contemplating suicide or a graduate degree." I've thought about this a lot, and I made the wrong choice.


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