Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm breaking through, I'm bending spoons, I'm keeping flowers in full bloom.

Four points:

1. Idolator is telling me Rolling Stone included "living in Philadelphia" on their Hot List, and I have no firsthand proof, but well-played semi-hometown, for getting attention from a washed-up, close-to-unreadable shell of a formerly relevant magazine. If not for Kid Rock and a gaggle of sluts (or do they travel in schools? Murders?), you may have gotten the cover, Philly.

2. Paste Magazing has the R.E.M. live album streaming. I have it too, and I'm "streaming" it... from my stereo! (Ha ha ha! Get it? I'm old!) I'll say this: it doesn't stir my soup. The songs from the past two albums are just stillborn on stage, absolutely murdering any momentum. "Leaving New York"? "Final Straw"? They make me wish I had a full bladder just so I could take a bathroom break. On top of that, is it just me or is the mix really off? I appreciate going for the whole "You. Are. There." vibe, but it sounds closer to a cheap bootleg rather than a major label release that cost me twenty.

3. Hooray for 30 Rock on DVD. Mind grapes. Killer.

4. A murder of sluts. It's got a certain ring.


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