Friday, October 19, 2007

This is a song that I wrote about some girls that I met at the beach back when I had the Jeep.

Three points:

1. Catherine has pointed out that I am the only result that pops up when you google "murder of sluts" so I want to preemptively apologize to the confused new visitors and say, no, I actually don't have any tips, sickos. But hooray for me nonetheless. The weird thing is, Catherine actually found this out without knowing I wrote that phrase. I don't know what she's up to, but I'd keep an eye out for some interesting weekend picks at Washingtonian.

2. What do sickos travel in? Gaggles. A gaggle of sickos. I claim monopoly on this as well.

3. I'm going to a party tomorrow attended by the bloggerati of DC and you just know In Rainbows is going to come up and I still haven't downloaded it, and I mean, I write about music, so this is going to be embarassing. I think when the subject comes up I'll just lie and say, oh Radiohead is so October 10th, and ask if anyone's heard the new band "Murder of Sluts" because I heard they played a great show in a moving van at CMJ this weekend and I ordered their demos online, and it's actually a cassette tape. Then I will try and hide my secret shame.


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