Thursday, June 21, 2007

Like a puppet taught to drive...

In all seriousness, I would marry the brogue of the lead singer of the Twilight Sad, because it is just that awesome. It would entertain me through my last years, and we'd have warm cider by the fire in our cottage. It would tell me tales of the Highlands, and haggis, and peat. And we'd laugh and laugh. Oh, how we'd laugh.

This is purely limited to the brogue and not the guy himself. What's up, ladies?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You cold cash machine

Q: Does my iPod need the Promise Ring and Girls Against Boys? And can it handle both being put on at once?
A: Seems so on both counts. Case closed.

This whole getting-back-to-the-web thing, it's going to take baby steps. I ain't mad at ya, internet; just distracted. But I do no this: that Art Brut song ("Nag Nag Nag Nag") is firearms; Wilco is still disappointing me, and I'm not just talking about those VW commercials; I can't stop listening to Spoon, and I've listened to too much of the Wallflowers recently; and Prof. Paula F (you know who you are): I heart you and your MC Hammer singing ways. I think you've adversely possessed my heart.

Also, what is that term in marketing where you keep using the same content over and over? Repurposing (oh, I was going to say laziness)? Yeah, that's what I'm doing here:

Top Ten Albums of 1996
1. R.E.M. - New Adventures in Hi-Fi
2. Jawbox - s/t
3. Afghan Whigs - Black Love
4. Suzanne Vega - 9 Objects of Desire
5. Girls Against Boys - House of GVSB
6. Wilco - Being There
7. Ida - I Know About You
8. Spinanes - Strand
9. Scarce - Deadsexy
10. Beck - Odelay

Whew, I'm winded. I need a Propel. I need to get back into fighting shape.

Friday, June 15, 2007

It can't all be wedding cake...

So far, this year hasn't treated me kindly when it comes to new albums. Yeah, the new Ted Leo is pretty great, but you know what? I don't feel the need to listen to it too often. Wincing the Night Away had been the most solid offering, hands down. Had been.

Then along comes Spoon, strutting in like a sexy beast, all white boy hips and skinny jeans. Wow, this kicks Gimme Fiction's ass, and that was my favorite album the year it came out. Damn right this is wedding cake, and it's chocolate with raspberry ganache.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Is that the thanks I get...

Cheers to Rescue Me coming back. Jeers to the first Volkswagen ad I've seen with a Wilco song in it.

Testing, testing...

So... it's fucking hot out, right?

Been a while. I was thinking about updating on the one-year anniversary of my last post, but from that day this year (May 10), and the next two weeks after, I was steadily drunk. I mean, like epically. So there was that.

But I've been thinking about coming back recently, shouting nothing into the dark expanse of the internet, and now, yeah, I guess maybe I'll give it another shot. It might be sporadic, since I need to study for a huge test - like, Wizarding school finals huge. But we shall see. We shall see.

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