Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sometimes we talk over dinner like friends, then I go and kill the bottle...

Lately I've been listening to a fair amount of post-"Lovefool"-era Cardigans, specifically this* and this. There's sometimes a catch in Nina Persson's voice that I've always found fetching. That, and she's pretty easy on the eyes.And you know, I think they got a raw deal. They weren't the best band in the world, but "Lovefool" really wrote checks that their asses couldn't cash. The stuff they've come out with after that seems to vary between trying to distance themselves from that song and trying to write stuff that will just get them back into the public's good graces by appealing to the middle ground. It's just a shame with a band with some talent gets saddled with the stink of one-time success.

Point being: I stumbled on some new stuff she's been working on, A Camp, and it's not bad. She's in cahoots with her husband and ex-Shudder to Think guitarist Nathan Larson, and it actually reminds me a bit of his solo stuff (if you can pick up a copy of his I Must Learn to Live Alone, it's well worth whatever marked-down price it's sure to be sold for). Unfortunately, no matter how good the album is, it's gonna be "the new album from that Lovefool chick."

*The odd framing device this song uses, where she's addressing her man like a dog, is pretty cringe-worthy; there's no way around that. But once you get past that, it's clear sailing.


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