Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You know, they call them killer whales, but you seem surprised when it pinned you down to the bottom of the tank where you can't turn around...

It's always great to get a new Neko Case song; it's no secret that I'm in the tank for her. Her voice reminds me of a phrase Toni Morrison once wrote: "warm like a tumble of bells." She was in full control of her powers at the Hideout Block Party last year, although I think she suffered just a bit in the outdoor setting.

Fox Confessor was a great album - dark, dreamy, atmospheric - but in these economic times, wouldn't you rather have an jangly, uptempo, country-tinged number like this one? After just now getting off the phone with my school loan people, I vote yea. It's like how when during the Great Depression, Roosevelt commissioned the Lindy Hop because he was "sick of this blues shit; America needs to dance, not hear about how some guy in Missisippi been done wrong!"*

I can't say the song is a world changer (or even as good as the Crooked Fingers song she sang on last year), but it's a cold beer on a warm day. I can't say I can identify with being a maneater, but the next line - "but you're still surprised-prised-prised when I eat you" - is what I say to my Double-Stuff Oreos everyday.

*Calvin Coolidge, on the other hand, was fine with the blues and saw no reason for government to get between the bluesman, the woman who done him wrong, and the American listening public. He once said, "the market will correct itself!" to which Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon responded "Uh... the blues market?"


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