Monday, July 23, 2007

Cocaine is crack, Blondie is black...

Five hours of sleep and one two-hour train ride and I have two things:

1. As hinted at before, The Menace may have been unfairly ignored when it was released. Now, I'm ready to make it official: it's underrated. Maybe the sequencing could be more thoughtful, and maybe "My Sex" doesn't need to exist, but it's got nothing to be ashamed about. Extra bit of trivia: The first Elastica album was released 12 years ago. Now that makes me feel old. Not as old as it probably makes Justine Frischmann feel, but I don't have any sassy Euro-sexiness to fall back on. So it's Justine: 1; Ghost: 0. Well played, Frischmann.

2. Nothing says welcome home more than a turkey Shorti, Wawa raspberry ice tea, and Herr's cheesesteak-flavored kettle chips. It's funny how the roads to home and heart attack are both paved with the same food wrappers.


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